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So I tried to set a goal for myself as far as designing stationery is concerned, but I keep hitting all kinds of walls. I can’t think straight, I can’t focus, and I certainly can’t seem to work, so I think I should just start fresh tomorrow.

I’m trying to come up with some original stuff. Maybe I need some inspiration? Everything I have made so far was basically an “original twist” to something I have seen before. I have a notebook where I write some things down that I might want to use in some future projects, but I’m just having a hard time putting them together. I’ve learned one thing about myself. I work best under pressure. I already knew this, though, because when it comes to my academics or my job, I am the most productive when it is crunch time, and the result is usually great. I hadn’t considered the fact that it carries over to everything else too :/

Everything I have designed so far was created for another person, on a set deadline. I completed them EASILY. Should I just stick to that? I don’t think I’ll build a portfolio very well (or very quickly) by doing that though…





Random life updates

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Long time, no speak.

I’ve been a little occupied lately, well, most of the time. Sometimes I do have time to write things here but I can never think of something interesting enough to write about that I haven’t already spazzed about on Twitter. So I thought I could just share what I’ve been up to in the meantime.

Okay. Here we go.

1. “Work.” I put it quotation marks, and I use air quotes when I talk about it person, because yes, I physically complete tasks and receive monetary compensation for it. I am basically an assistant, lol. My dad works for a contracting company in Washington, DC. I help out and basically do all the things nobody else wants to do. Errands, if you will. But is it part of my career path? No. Not at all. Honestly, I’m blessed to have what I have. One day, I’ll be able to return these gifts to my parents. I’ve been lucky enough to come from a family that is well off, by way of extremely hard work, faith, and support. I have a great work ethic, I work hard in everything I do, even though sometimes i like to cut corners to make it easier for myself. I challenge myself whenever I can, and I always want to do the best I can. This is true in my work, schoolwork, friendships, relationships, etc. I don’t like to shortchange people. If I can’t agree on anything else with my mother and father, I can definitely say that hard work is a major part of success. I’m blessed, I really am.

2. School. I think I’ve mentioned before that I am a graduate student. I’m pursing my master of science in Biotechnology, with concentrations in Biosecurity and Biodefense. Basically I study biological weapons and techniques. I have interest in science/biodefense policy, and I hope to make a career out of it very soon. It’s all part of my master plan. I’ll come back to this topic later. Otherwise, school has been a lot of work. I’ve completed 4 classes (12 credits), and I have 6 in progress, so if and when I successfully complete this semester at the end of April, I would be halfway through my program (yay!). May 2015, here I come. It’s not easy, at all. But I’m getting through it. Family life/life in general has made it difficult to stay focused and do the best work I can do, but I’m optimistic that I will get my 4.0 this semester. I keep getting 3.5’s…and I just want a perfect GPA for once lol. Anyway..enough about school…

3. My life. I’ve been a minimalist in that department for basically my entire life. And I’ve been content that way. I’m not really in a hurry to make any drastic changes, although it does cross my mind from time to time. I’m 23, so naturally I’m contemplating what I really want out of life. One of my best friends is coming up on her first wedding anniversary in May, and the other one is due to have her daughter any day now. So yes, I definitely get nagged about it, lol. When am I going to “settle down” and find someone? I don’t know. But I will tell you that kids are not in the near future. I’m still raising my siblings, lol. Dating is just more work than I’m usually willing to exert, but I think with the right person, I could compromise. Until then, eye candy is always welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚

4. Writing. I’ve been busy with my other blog, called Life, Policy, and You. It’s centered more towards my career interests, and allows me to sound off and exercise my competence in science, society, and policy as they relate to each other. I figured that stuff didn’t belong on my personal blog, as it’s more news-like, technical, and political. So if you’re curious about my interests in science and policy, along with some cute, nerdy trivia from time to time, please take a few moments and check it out here. It’s still very brand new and I’m sure there are still problems with it, but bear with me. Thanks a lot in advance! I hope people can enjoy it as much as I like to write it.

5. Friends and such. I really haven’t done a good job at being around and available to everyone, mostly because I always have so much to do, but I always make sure people know that they are important. It wouldn’t be unusual for me to travel randomly when I have time to see a friend who lives far away, or have something nice sent to them in lieu of my presence. I’m terrible at texting when I have other things occupying me, and phone calls sometimes are impossible to return as I don’t really have time to do that until well after most normal people are asleep. But my friends mean a lot to me. I’m grateful to have friends who are not only as busy as I am, but are understanding. I’m glad there are people who don’t find my quirks to be odd and not charming, or who embrace my strange sense of humor. That’s so awesome. ๐Ÿ˜€

6. Photos. I have not taken any photos in nearly a year, and that is because I don’t really have time, and I don’t really enjoy taking pictures that I’m ‘told’ to take anymore. I’ve taken photos for artistic leisure, yes, for sure. But I don’t do events so much anymore. One, because at first I was helping friends for free, and then I started charging people and I noticed my stress levels go up because I get so worried about the quality of my pictures vs. the prices they paid. Another reason is because I usually do birthday/party outings at restaurants, lounges, and clubs, and taking photos for parties is exhausting and mentally straining. Imagine having 10 people hovering over you at any given moment asking you for a picture. Then they want to see the picture, then they want to take it again because they “look fat” or I “didn’t get their good side” or “one of my homegirls was in the bathroom.” And people get really fucking rude. Plus, you’re on your feet the whole time and you don’t get to drink and eat and float around like everyone else. So yeah, needless to say, I’ve taken a photo event hiatus until I forget how much I hate party pictures. Not to mention, the lighting is always REALLY bad.

So that’s pretty much what has been going on. I’m a full time assistant, deputy mom/tutor/chef/chauffeur/sugar mama (to my little brothers), grad student, artist, writer, and a very involved friend to those who consider me to be a friend. My life is a marathon, but I am so grateful.


fear is

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One thing that makes you sweat in a cold room,
makes your heart beat fast while standing still,
gives you frightening ย images, makes you anticipate impending doom,
and even when you know that you’re great, it makes you question your skill…