Shake my hand, let’s do some business

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Hey again! (Two blogs in the same day? Yeah I know…)

I’ve been away for a while but it’s for good reason. I have a little less than two months left of my summer break from school, and while I still have a (very mentally demanding, time-consuming) job, I’m enjoying the extra time and brainpower on my hands.

I’ve been spending my time using a few different software to design basic stationery items for everyday needs. This includes business cards, invitations, announcements, etc. I’ve designed for a few people so far, and it looks like I’m doing pretty well with it. I still have a lot to learn when it comes to the technical aspects of stationery design, but I’m very excited to learn. I’ve always enjoyed creating things, even if it looked bad or looked silly, I was just happy that I made it. It never crossed my mind to become a serious business venture until this year.

I am currently working on the website and other formalities for this business, and I hope to seriously launch it soon! Im still learning and asking a billion questions but I work very diligently and pay close attention to detail.

Stay tuned for the website/album launch! I’m assembling a pretty good team who I think could really make this fun.

Look out for updates!