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Well, it’s 2:40am right now but it might be after 3 by the time I post this, but whatever. You get the idea. We’re in wee hours of the morning and I’m not asleep.

This happens almost every night of the week, and I really have no good explanation for it. In high school most of the time I’d be asleep by 12-ish but there were many nights that me and one of my very close friends, Albert, would stay on the phone all night — or until one (or both) of us fell asleep. We’d meet up in the hallway at school both acknowledging how tired the other looked (ie: “ugh girl you look terrible!” Or “your eyes look like crap today”) but for some reason we never learned lol.
In college, those nights didn’t happen as often, mostly because of really bad phone service in my college town when I lived in a dorm, and I had a roommate that I didn’t want to bother. I still stayed up pretty late though. All through college, especially when I became more involved on campus, I went to sleep late, and woke up early.

I left college and didn’t have much reason to stay up late anymore, and my sleep schedule has been that way ever since. Makes no sense, but that’s how it is. I usually sleep by 3 or 4am, then I wake up around 6 or 7 (to make sure my siblings make it to school) then if I don’t have work I go back to sleep until 8 or 9. Now that it is summer, I wake up around the same times, and it doesn’t help that I don’t work until or 11 or 12pm most days.

I can be a bit of a light sleeper, and other times I just have too much on my mind to sleep. Sometimes when I’m nervous or looking forward to something, I can’t sleep. If I’m not home in my own bed, sleep usually doesn’t go very well.

I’m not sleeping now…why? Tonight I washed, conditioned, and threaded my hair while watching some YouTube vlogs while silently complaining to myself that didn’t work on any designs today. I made a silent goal to complete two designs every day, but it just hasn’t been happening with work and all the power outages… I could stay up longer and do it but that probably isn’t very good for me. Plus I do really enjoy sleep [that I hardly get].

You know the children’s story about the sandman? That was always strange to me. Random, I know.

I just wrote a whole blog about sleep. Can’t you tell I need some? Perhaps I should try. But of course I can’t do that —after all, it’s 12 noon somewhere…