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Just a random post, I feel like writing something.

My brother found his recorder yesterday, and I found mine probably a few months ago. It’s a recorder, I know, I shouldn’t be excited…but I am lol. I know it’s such a silly instrument but it just made me laugh because last week I was in DC with my friend John, and we saw some guy playing his recorder on the street. I don’t know if he was playing his recorder for money or if he just wanted to play there, but I found it pretty amusing. I’ve had a few recorders in my lifetime, mostly due to moving and thinking I lost my recorder when I really didn’t, then getting a new one and finding the old one later. My brothers each have recorders as well, so there are several of them lying around. There’s no question that public schools teach the recorder because it’s so simple and it’s a great way to learn how to read notes on a staff.

Did you know that there are people who play the recorder professionally? Like they seriously play the recorder? I never really thought about it until today. I can probably play about 5 songs on the recorder, but none of them sound any more than amateur to me.

I’ve been wanting to buy an Irish tin whistle for a little over a year, but for some reason I never get around to it. But I finally went to order one today, and I came across a few other instruments. My younger brother has wanted a flute for a long time but my dad first told him it was a “girl instrument”. After convincing him that it wasn’t a girl instrument, he told my brother he had to learn piano first. I taught him the basics and fundamentals of piano, so now my dad has no excuse, haha. But anyway, I came across a fife, not a cheap plastic one, a really pretty metal one. I immediately ordered it for him. A fife is a good way to learn the flute, and it also sounds beautiful when mastered. My parents don’t really have time to check his homework and keep track of his grades, so I’m in charge of that, and he’s gotten off to a great start. This will be his reward, he’ll be so excited. 🙂

My youngest brother plays the trumpet, and he’s GREAT at it. He’s auditioning for honors band and all-county band, and brass ensemble, so that can give you an idea of how good he is for a person who hasn’t been playing for more than two years. I started playing piano when I was 6, took lessons until I was almost 9, started them again at 11 or 12, and stopped again at 14. I can read music, but I’m not as good as I would be if I was consistent. I played the strings (mainly cello, viola, and violin), throughout my 5th-9th grade years, and I started to learn guitar but never really got past the basics. My older brother, who has autism, plays the keyboard/piano by ear, but only plays melodies he made up by himself. My dad played the pipe organ as a child, which is how he learned to play piano, but he’s really good at playing the harmonica. He’s probably better at the harmonica than any of us are in any instrument.

So needless to say, I still never bought the Irish tin whistle.

When I can finally get my siblings to focus enough and make a drum beat (because none of us play the drums, although I can do a decent drumroll), I’ll probably record it and post it here so you guys can see. We can jam a little bit. We’re not great, but we’re creative.

I guess you can say you learned something new. 🙂



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