fresh start!

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I decided to try WordPress. I love the simplicity of it, and I also wanted to use it as a means of open expression, something that I’m still learning to do more of. I plan to use this blog for whatever comes to mind, whether it be a current event, ideology, something I wrote, something on my mind, or something inspirational.

I made the URL my name because that’s simply what this is: me. 

I’ll try to balance out posts, and not have too many of one kind of thing…then again, I’ll probably just go with the flow. That works, right? 🙂

Sometimes I get passionate about current events, politics, or human rights. I may share my thoughts on those. Other days, I just rant about something I’ve been thinking about. I take lots of pictures (let me know if you want to see them), so I may share a few that I like a lot. I’m pretty crafty with my hands and not too bad with a pencil so sometimes I may share something I made or something I wrote (I write ALL the time). Other times I get really inspired or excited about something and I just can’t keep it to myself.

So yes, welcome. I hope you stay a while 🙂


Let’s see where this goes.



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